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You can also see some of my work on my projects page and on GitHub. You can also download my résumé as a PDF.

David Baumgold

Full-stack web developer, open source contributor, technical trainer, public speaker. Located in the Boston area.

Email [email protected]


Languages Python, JavaScript (Node.js, ES6), Go, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
Frameworks & Libraries Django, Flask, jQuery, React, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Fabric.js
Tools Git, Webpack, Zsh, Docker, Nginx
Testing TDD, Pytest, Jasmine, Travis CI,


  1. Software Engineer at
    since Feb 2016
    • Languages, frameworks and platforms used: Python, Django, Javascript, React, Fabric.js, BackboneJS, Webpack, SubstanceJS.
  2. Student Developer, Google Summer of Code at Scrapinghub
    Apr 2015 to Aug 2015
    • Worked with Scrapinghub to modernize Splash.
    • Worked on moving Splash from Qt4/PyQt4 to Qt5/PyQt5.
    • Ported Splash, several dependencies like qt5reactor, pyre2 and Twisted modules to Python 3.
    • Improved the interfacing between Python API of Splash and the underlying Lua sandbox.
    • Updated Docker images.
    • Languages and frameworks used: Python (both 2 and 3), Twisted, Qt/PyQt, pytest, Docker, Lua.
  3. Student Developer, Google Summer of Code at The Python Software Foundation
    May 2013 to Sep 2013
    • Worked with OpenHatch and Oppia to simplify the process of creating and maintaining Openhatch missions by using Oppia as a platform.
    • Reorganized the Oppia codebase to make it more modular.
    • Languages, frameworks and platforms used: Python, Django, Google App Engine, WebApp2, Werkzeug.


  1. Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

    College of Engineering & Technology, Bhubaneswar, 2011 to 2015